To: All Stratford Park Homeowners

From: The Stratford Park Homeowners Association Board of Directors

Annual dues for 2021 are $575.00 per household and due by January 1, 2021. The HOA board voted on December 14ᵗʰ that there will be no increase for 2021.

If your payment is received after Monday, February 15, 2021 (45 days late) you will be charged a 10% penalty ($57.50).

If your payment including late fee penalty is not received by Monday, March 1, 2021 (60 days late) a lien will be placed on your property, and, in addition to the 10% penalty you will also be charged the cost of attorney fees and any other associated costs, including interest from March 2, 2021, the 60ᵗʰ day, until payment is received at a rate of 2% above Prime Interest Rate.

Please feel free to pay electronically via Venmo or Zelle to

If you feel more comfortable to send a check, made check payable to the Stratford Park Homeowners Association in the amount of Five Hundred and Seventy Five and no/100 dollars ($575.00). Place in a stamped envelope addressed to:

Stratford Park Homeowners Association
c/o Brad Lammers, Treasurer 7783 Rutherford Ct.
Canton, MI 48187

If you have any questions, please call Brad at 734-845-8006
Brad Lammers
Brad Lammers, Treasurer-SPHOA