Update (April/2021):  A draft of the new By-Laws have been received and approved by the Board.  The Board is preparing the communication to all homeowners to vote on acceptance of the new By-Laws.  Expect to see this communication in the coming weeks.

As promised in our Dec, 2020 Annual meeting, the Board is pushing forward with a review and update of our incorporation and by-laws language.

Our By-Laws have never been updated in roughly 17 years.  The signatures in the copy we have are from 2003.  We need to make sure they are compliant with the latest laws/regulations for non-profit corporations and update/modernize our voting rules to use modern electronic technology options.

We have engaged with Hirzel Law to assist us with these updates. Hirzel is local and specializes in HOAs. The total cost estimate for these updates is $2k, $1k to perform the updates and $1k for questions and follow-up items. Estimated completion is end of February. We’ll provide another update once we receive a draft from Hirzel Law.