2021 was a busy year for changeover in the neighborhood with six (6) of the houses in our neighborhood changing ownership.  Please take a minute to review your new neighbors and welcome them to the neighborhood:

47417 Stratford Dr. – Maohua Zheng & Linda Qin

47565 Stratford Dr. – Hai Khalifeh

47634 Stratford Dr. – Nima Farrokhzadershad & Maryam Faraji

47652 Stratford Dr. – Omari & Sakinah Howard

7805 Rutherford Ct. – Qiong (Joan) Zhang & Yi Yao 

7761 Rutherford Ct. – Phil & Emily Rancatore

Thanks to Phil Rancatore for joining the Board and signing up for the Hospitality committee.  Phil will be providing a welcome gift to all new homeowners!